Monday, September 27, 2010

More Fort Worth Video

We've showed you the best Trinity River footage and the Fort Worth take a look at last week's council meeting.

Starting at 32:00 minutes there are 7 speakers in a row you might want to watch.  While all of them have some different concerns such as Mary's Creek Sewer Plant, the treatment of Mr. Don Woodard by the Mayor, the damage gas drilling is doing to our air, water and property values, all of these folks mentioned the same thing.  OUR MONEY and the TRINITY RIVER VISION. 

WHY do you think that is?  THE PEOPLE want answers.  To questions such as, wouldn't $26 million go a long way in keeping city employees paid and city services running?  And WHY are WE paying $26 million dollars?  Did WE get a vote?  Remember, that's only the Fort Worth portion (so far), you still have the Tarrant Regional Water District portion and the Tarrant County portion.  Oh yeah, where do those Federal funds come from?  YOU.

ANYONE ever going to answer?  Keep asking.  They can't turn all the mic's off.

Watch it here.
While all the presentations are great, Linda Walsh Jenkins who serves on Gateway Park Board is excellent. (35:50).  And Clyde Picht's questions are as well - the cost, scope and plans for the project have changed greatly, WHY has no one told YOU?  It's YOUR money.

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