Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Property Values Continue to fall in Tarrant & Wise Counties

...unless of course, you own a stadium.

What happens when all the property is a fraction of what it was once worth?

Read more about it on FWCANDO.

Previously we told you how there was to be NO drilling under the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, did someone bend their own rules? 

We received this email today -

Did you guys know they are drilling under the stadium? A friend in the oil and gas industry told me about this. Apparently Dallas never had a shot at the Stadium and it had nothing to do with football. Jerry bought up a ton of land on the Barnett Shale (where the new stadium is), then got the city of Arlington to subsidize $600MM to build the stadium. The one catch was Jerry has to split the oil and gass money 50/50 with the city. He sold out the city of Dallas.

Why do you never hear about this stuff until its done. Here I am a die hard Cowboy fan upset that the team, isn't in Dallas and thought it was Laura Miller's fault. Its not- Jerry wanted to drill for oil or gas or whatever.

This video of a previous WFAA report raises more questions.
WHY would a city council vote against its PEOPLE and its Planning and Zoning Commission?  When you notify "property owners" (NOT renters) are they referring to surface or mineral? 

Mel Leblanc says it's the "will of the people".  Isn't  he the same politician who made up things Senator Wendy Davis said and made a tasteless joke of the drilling situation last month?  Do YOU believe him?

So WHERE are they drilling in Arlington?  And do wells go where they state they will?  Not in Ohio.

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