Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here's an email between some residents and the City of Fort Worth.  We have removed names.  It's from last week, did ANYONE answer?

To FW -
Who do we contact about truck traffic on Handley and Brentwoodstair from the gas well site. I tried the gas company and they stated they had a permit for the trucks. If so how could they get a permit to do what they agreed they would not do?

The diagram below depicts the transportation route that was shown to Council and was not modified. Concerns over congestion were expressed but the actual route was not amended. Is Chesapeake not following this route?


Citizen 2 -
Chesapeake has violated the agreed upon truck route from the very beginning of this crap on Ederville, and Danny Scarth has been aware that Chesapeake is and has been out of compliance from the very beginning........he just doesn't care.

Esther McElfish has made presentations to council with photos indicating that non-compliance concerning this truck route is a habit with Chesapeake....and again, Danny Scarth just doesn't care.

Hopefully you are beginning to see the common thread here....Danny Scarth doesn't care.

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