Monday, November 1, 2010

Believe it now?

In January, we told you about the soon to be water shortage in Fort Worth.  Now Yahoo tells you about the Ten Biggest Cities that are running out of water.  Where are we?  Number 6. 

Wake up, people, before it's too late.  Remember what happens when nothing is ever just gets worse.  Maybe the Tarrant Regional Water District should spend less time traveling the country, running up tabs while looking at bridges and wake board parks for the Trinity River Vision, and more time focusing on what they were created to do.  PROTECT YOU from flooding and running out of clean water.  Would you rather have clean water or float on a tube in the Trinity? 

Yes, this is the same Tarrant Regional Water District that just gave themselves a raise.

We notice it says "multiple" for water supply.  The Trinity Aquifer is the main water source for the majority of us.  What happens if that gets contaminated?  ASK.

6. Fort Worth, Texas
Major Water Supply: Multiple
Population (U.S. rank): 727,577 (17th)
Population Growth Rate: 36.1% since 2000
Average annual rainfall: 34.01 inches

As Fort Worth continues to grow (its population is expected to hit 4.3 million by 2060), the amount of water demand has continued to exceed the amount of water available through local supply. As a result, the city, which is in Tarrant County, must rely on storage water, making the system much more exposed to the worst effects of prolonged drought. To remedy this problem, the Tarrant Regional Water District is trying to bring in more water from Oklahoma's Red River. Oklahoma, wishing to preserve its water sources, limits interstate water sales. Fort Worth has countered with a lawsuit, which is pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals.

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