Friday, November 12, 2010

This land is OUR land...

Read the Arlington Letter to the Editor in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Then ASK the Arlington City Council, WTH?

Protecting nature

The Arlington Parks and Recreation Board approved a list of recommendations Aug. 9 regarding a proposed gas well next to the Southwest Nature Preserve.

The board was concerned because the pad site violates the Arlington gas well ordinance's setback for parks.

One of the board's recommendations was to "require identification of impacts on native wildlife," but the plea didn't make the letter that city staff then sent to the City Council.

When asked at the Nov. 2 council meeting why this request was sidestepped, the council did not have an answer but still approved the well.

Who's looking out for this glorious expanse of unmarred land?

The parks board is trying to. It is disturbing to see the board's efforts ignored by our elected officials.

At some point, we have to say no more habitat destruction, no more diminishing quality of life, no more waiver of ordinances designed to protect us -- all for one more gas well.

-- John Dycus, Arlington

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