Monday, November 22, 2010

Keller looking for a new council

The Fort Worth Way spreads like wildfire...

Read the letters in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Election frustration

Holding the Keller City Charter proposition election the same day as a statewide general election was a terribly bad idea. The council got what it wanted. All 39 propositions passed. The chaos created at the polls was exhausting and frustrating for poll workers and voters.

With turnout high because of state and national issues, the polls were more crowded because of the time required to complete a 10-page ballot. We had four different ballots to distribute, as some voters were in the city limits and some were not because some precincts are split.

A Keller Citizen article reported that the council spent an estimated $60,000 rather than the $15,000 it would have cost to hold the city election on another day. That is our tax dollars being flushed down the toilet as well as manipulation of the vote.

Next spring, each incumbent who voted for this election date should not be re-elected.

-- Michelle Wood, Keller

At least six of the propositions amounted to a power grab by our elected officials and their enablers. In a statewide election that was a total and complete repudiation of big government in all its manifestations, the residents of Keller voted to pass all 39 propositions, with the outcome an enlarged city government and its attendant enlargement of city expenditures.

The lack of fair and balanced reporting, and the ramifications of their passage on the over-burdened taxpayers in our community I lay at the door of City Hall. They provided a misleading flyer that implied the changes were made to bring us into compliance with the state of Texas. A lot of them were, but some were not. Let's take a few minutes in our next City Council election and vote them out!

-- Sara Legvold, Keller

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Anonymous said...

Pollution, whether physical or moral/civic, tend to spread beyond the municipal and other artificial boundaries. Hey Kellerites: since you folks are already breathing contaminated FW air,it only makes sense that the moral compass of your leadership (and by extension, the citizenry that tolerate such conditions)is also skewed.

On second thought, Keller H.S. is reported by the Startlegram as having been built on a major gas pipeline. At least the not-so-well-off folks on Carter Ave. and in Rosemont put up a valiant fight --and actually won, a rarity in Moncrief's Gasland, Tx--to keep dangerous drilling and pipelines from being shoved down their throats. The common thing you hear from those people, like Steve on Carter Street, is they had to fight to protect their children's future.

God help us all--to wake up before its too late.