Friday, November 5, 2010

Hats off...

To Hunter Wilder.

Don't know WHO he is?  We didn't either until the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Watchdog told us.

Kudos Mr. Wilder, we need more like you!

You're Hunter Wilder, a fellow from Azle, who showed how standing up for yourself is never a lost cause. You're no lawyer, for sure, but if you're half as good a financial planner as you are at building dioramas and defending yourself, you're all right.

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Anonymous said...

Kudos Mr. Wilder. We definitely need more like
you, except that the "more people like you" not
be fw citizens standing up to the powers that be like that guy on Carter St. , who stood up to a bullying billion dollars corporation Chesapeake and the city. And he won. But did CHk's business partner report it? Ironic, because there will be thousands more crimes/cases involving people defending their homes from being robbed using eminent domain Like that man on carter st. than those involving cars carelessly handled by valets at ritzy hotels.