Friday, November 5, 2010

More - Revolving Door

Read about the Railroad Commissioner election in the Fort Worth Business Press.

Then read below for what THE PEOPLE have to say.

The smooth pivot from regulators and public servants to immediate positions with an active player in the drilling and piping companies is a trend, bordering on a well-conceived system, that at least has a couple of positives for the people and taxpayers: (1) no more confusion about whose best interests these public officials really work for , and (2) tax dollars are no longer used to pay their salaries while they work for interests other than the people's, and often detrimental to the people's health, safety, environment, property, and legal rights..

However, the actions of a former FW mayor, by a director of FW's Environment Dept., by this former outspoken commissioner of the TRRC, (and by several laid off Star-Telegram writers), just to name a few, show that these folks hold high ethical values and do not want to be perceived as having conflicts of interest. Nevermind that their expressions of ethical integrity occur only after the taxpayers are no longer obligated to pay their salaries.

It is also very commendable for the gas drilling and gas pipeline companies for helping to fight unemployment and for helping to preserve these folks' self-esteem and the immense knowledge gained from serving as regulators or as people who possessed the public trust.

What Tony Soprano often said is true: You help me out, and I'll take good care of you. It's nice to take care of one/s of your own.

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