Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thinking outside the cage

Suzette Watkins speaks up for animals everyday.  Read about her latest effort in the FW Weekly.

Kudos to Suzette for all she does for our four legged friends!


Suzette Watkins said...

Thanks Star Telegraph! We all have our passions and areas of 'expertise.' I don't like liars and I believe that City officials are lying when they say, that we haven't euthanized (killed) one adoptable animal since opening of adoption center. I say, let me and others volunteer at the shelter so we can see for ourselves what is happening w/in the city shelter. They say, "no." You can't volunteer here because we don't feel you are a team player! As a tax paying, concerned citizen, I feel this is wrong. I say, they are lying about their statistics and they are wanting to hide what they are doing. My fight will continue. If anyone has any free time, please see if you can volunteer at the shelter. Contact Please let me know if you make it thru screening! No wonder our kill rate is around 63% and our animal control budget goes up every year! They are turning down FREE workers!!

Anonymous said...

We took our dog to FW's animal facility off MLK freeway/287 for shots and were disappointed in the quality and attitude of the staff. They gave shots in the same part of the building as where those awaiting to be euthenized. Being already a pretty smart dog, and with her special animal sense, our normally calm and friendly gal was acting nervous (smelling fear and sensing doom from her unfortunate friends in there), which the staff said he interpreted as her being uncooperative and even hostile. He then tried to put on some kind of restraint on her, and understandably she growled and tried to "snap" at the threat.

The point from this experience is that I can understand how even "normal" dogs are killed based on the their natural reaction to what they sensed, which then justifies the city staff's needing a reason for the killings: dangerous and unadoptable dogs. They have the system set up for their purposes.

Thanks Suzette for continuing to advocate for God's creatures that cannot speak for themselves, those with four legs and the two-legged ones "sheltered" on E. Lancaster.

Of course, Star-Telegraph deserves thanks for reporting what the pros won't.