Friday, April 10, 2009

Why a Blog?

Well for starters, a smart friend of ours told us to...

However, the real purpose is to educate more people about what is happening around them. When you learn more from bloggers and informed citizens than you do from your elected officials and news outlets, there seems to be a problem. A lack of truthful communication.

Until you get involved you think whatever is happening at your city hall doesn't concern you. And that if it does, you will be informed by your city leadership or the local media. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Ask anyone involved (not bred) in politics how or why they became involved. More than likely there answer will sound something like this, "Well, when so and so happened, I went to city hall and then I learned this or that and knew something had to be done." If their answer doesn't fall into that line of thinking, be careful, some are in it for themselves. These are people you should be weary of. There are some that pay attention and speak out, they are usually labeled/dismissed by politicians and media as "troublemakers" - if we were you, we would listen to what these troublemakers have to say. They are usually the ones that know what the issues are and are brave enough to step up and say so. We know most of us think we are too busy to get involved - jobs, kids, minivans in suburbia, but we have to pay more attention. There are too many issues taking place and decisions being made that will affect your kids futures in suburbia.

As for the media, the days of unbiased news reporting are over. Media is a business. A big profitable one. Therefore they will report on what they are told with the spin they know that will keep them in the loop. The spin cycle is not always in the best interest of the citizens. (This is not true for ALL media mind you, we are fans of the FW Weekly and their truthful reporting. Obviously others are fans as well since they just won another award). Need an example? Stay tuned, there will be some posted soon. Have an example? Send it in, remember knowledge is power.


Durango said...

What a nice idea for a blog. I eagerly look forward to seeing where this goes.

Suzette Watkins said...

Congratulations. This will be fantastic!!