Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fox in Silcox seat?

With yesterday's mention of Eric Fox we were forwarded a letter he penned to the Fort Worth Business Press dated May 21, 2007. One would hope if he wins he won't be name calling or mocking...We sure miss Chuck Silcox.

Now what, C.A.V.E. men?

Those in the community whom I call C.A.V.E. men (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) were crowing before the recent local elections that these elections were a referendum on the Trinity River Vision Project. They wanted the voters to throw out all incumbents who favored the Trinity River Vision Project because civilzation as we know it will cease if this project goes forward.

I would point out to the C.A.V.E. men the following results: 80 percent, 55 percent, 56 percent, 73 percent, and 77 percent were the winning margins of victory by those candidates who support the Trinity River Vision Project. Even Jungas Jordan, who avoided a runoff by 69 votes, beat his closest opponent, Clyde Picht, by 708 votes - which is worse than "a thumpin"! The election results were a complete and total domination over the C.A.V.E. men-endorsed candidates.

So my question is this: What now, C.A.V.E. men? Do you still believe it was a referendum?

Eric Fox

Stay tuned to see a wonderful response from the C.A.V.E. men printed in a later Fort Worth Business Press, their definition of C.A.V.E. is much different from above...Citizens Against Vast Expenditures, how appropriate on Tax Day.

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