Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not a drop to drink

Last night on the local news they featured yet another Texan taking things into his own hands and bringing to light issues with the favoritism and protectionism of the gas drillers and those meant to oversee them.

His purpose is trying to protect one of our most valuable resources - water. He claims State regulators are too cozy with the industry. Others interviewed claim the laws are too biased and pro-industry. (Seems we've heard this somewhere before....)

He's concerned with the stealing, lowering and polluting of the water table and of all those downstream. All should be concerned. Not only about our water but about mineral rights taking precedent over surface rights.

Of course campaign donations from the industry were mentioned, thousands of dollars to those who make the decisions for you. You may want to look into that. Who would you want voting on your behalf if they want to run a pipeline under your house? Someone that benefits greatly from the industry or someone that wants to protect the citizens? As of last month Fort Worth had approved 56 out of 57 high impact wells in the city. That number seems alarmingly high in such a densely populated area (also concerned with future water supply).

Not surprisingly those being called out are "critical" of the Texan making the noise. They usually are. When we started this blog, we mentioned you might want to listen to those others label as "troublemakers" they seem to know what the real story is.

Go visit Durango to find a link to the video and more info...

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Actually, if you visit Durango you'll find a link to video and more info, the video is not on Durango's blog.