Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lone Citizens

Earlier we told you about the 3 lone citizens that traveled to Austin to try and stop pipelines from being laid in front yards.

We learned one on that trip was Gary Hogan, he is also a Fort Worth city council candidate. He's running for the seat Mr. Silcox sadly left empty. Seems to us Gary is off to a great start.

Which is good - it looks like Lon Burnam can use all the help he can get. Below is the entire article from the Fort Worth Star Telegram newspaper.

No position

State Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, is pressing ahead with legislation to toughen controls on natural gas drilling in the Barnett Shale but says he’s not getting any help from Fort Worth, which is also pushing for stronger controls over drillers and pipeline companies. Three of Burnam’s Barnett bills confronted industry opposition at a hearing before the House Energy Resources Committee. Two others, dealing with eminent domain issues, are to be heard before another committee soon.

"The city of Fort Worth has been useless in trying to address these issues in the Legislature," Burnam told PoliTex. "They say it’s a major concern, but they’re not doing anything. They should have testified for my bills."

City spokesman Jason Lamers said the city "is heavily engaged" in the issue and has taken an active role in helping draft other bills that, among other things, would strengthen environmental controls and restrict the location of transmission lines. But the city has not engaged in the Burnam measures, he said, because it does not take a stance on proposals without approval from the City Council.

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Anonymous said...

Did the city spokesman actually make the "air quotes" with his fingers as he said that?