Saturday, April 18, 2009

Austin bound

So when the 3 Lone Citizens returned from Austin they asked for letters to be written to help gain support. We received this letter that was sent South. This person never received a response but one letter writer did and shared it. The letter writer then responded. Interesting reading.

Rep Jim Keffer, Chair Energy Resources Committee and Hon. Members,

Please come to Fort Worth and meet with the resident's concerning their safety and future quality of life. Being one of the largest metropolitian areas in the United States we stand a lot to lose if the drilling in this densely populated area is not done responsibly. While understanding there is a need for drilling, public safety should be first and foremost on everyone's agenda.

I would ask that you work with the resident's contacting you to schedule the meeting so there is assurance the venue will be large enough in size and there is adequate parking to handle a large turnout. The last meeting for the citizens was packed with drilling employees from all over the metroplex. When the residents arrived there were no parking spaces and they were not allowed in due to the fire code. What was intended to be a resident meeting was turned into more mockery by the industry. City leaders did not attend this meeting. The media coverage was slanted to favor the drillers. Those in the public that are aware of what is taking place are horrified and trying to get help though no one will listen or respond.

We are asking that you and your team, along with the Attorney General help our beloved city and the residents that love it enough to call it home. We are gravely concerned as to what its future holds.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


All session hearings will occur in Austin . Our legislative session started in January and will end at the end of May. The month of April will be extremely busy for the members of the committee, and they will have to be in Austin at that time. Unfortunately, anyone who wants to testify at an Energy Committee hearing during the session will have to make arrangements to come to Austin .

Also, I don't believe that we have heard from Representative Burnam's office about the request for an Attorney General's opinion. Will you let me know the status of that?


Tori Regas

General Counsel


All, Since I did not receive any response, though through the grapevine of involved citizens received Tori's note stating that all of you are too busy to attend, I ask that you provide an option of a way to communicate with the citizens of Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Again, this matter is a grave situation that places thousands of lives at risk and will set a precedent for our future and other cities as well. As mentioned in the Fort Worth Star Telegram yesterday, Mr. Burnam (and the citizens) cannot carry this burden alone. Neither have received any support from any of those elected to help protect our safety or our rights. Those that would love to speak to you are not too busy to come to you, they are hard working, taxpaying voters that in this time of economic uncertainty cannot all afford to take time off to travel to Austin. Some that are directly affected on Carter Avenue are elderly and some disabled therefore, unable to travel.

The blatant maneuvers by the gas drillers and those in power take advantage and place at risk those that are being ignored. It is taking place weekly in cities throughout Tarrant County. Yesterday the news showed yet another neighborhood the drillers are trying to bully into compliance. As the resident asked, "What is a fair price for where you live?" If no consensus is reached the matter will go to Fort Worth City Council, which doesn't look good for the residents as 56 out of 57 high impact wells have been approved to date. Speaks volumes as to who is being heard.

I am positive that you have asked the question of why the "indirect route" is needed on Carter Avenue. Why a direct route couldn't be taken that would not run a pipeline under people's homes, although since you represent Texas, I suspect you are aware of the answer. It is due to the Water Board owning the property and saving it for the Trinity River earmark. Another project in which real citizens are ignored and will be placed in danger for the sake of economic development.

I ask again that you help us resolve this issue before it's too late, there is too much at stake to not exhaust every alternative to hear the people you represent. Unfortunately we the people do not have the funds or the freedom to travel the way the industry and our elected officials do.

Thank you.

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