Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just when we thought we were done for the day we received this...

Back in the days of the Sierra Vista project getting off the ground, a question was raised about the propriety of Mayor Moncrief’s son doing the title work for Sendera Title and his old man voting on the project at council meetings. Apparently it was no big deal. Well maybe it is. Son is President of Sendera Title and had a nice picture in the Business Press. If he is doing all the title work for Chesapeake Gas and old dad is still voting on everything Chesapeake, and beyond, at city council, isn’t there a teeny- weeny conflict of interest in all that? Like Chesapeake wants to drill next to my grandma’s backyard and Mikey says “okay,” and he’s the only one that needs to say okay, because all the other council flacks do what the mayor says; well because Mikey says okay and Troy gets some extra change for whatever title work Chesapeake needs doing, isn’t that a conflict of some sort?

So before posting we took a look, seems FW Weekly brought this to light years ago, before the gas drillers bought the city.

And then we found these T. Moncrief quotes online.

As evidence of success accomplished by its commitment to its customers, Sendera Title was recently listed as the fourth ranked title company in Tarrant County, after three large, publicly traded companies, according to the Fort Worth Business Press’s 2006 Book of Lists. “In just a short amount of time, we’ve increased our customers and transaction volume by providing great service and building new relationships,” Moncrief says.

“My daily focus is to ‘connect’ various contacts that I know, but who do not know one another and to encourage them to develop new relationships,” Moncrief says. “I have built numerous relationships over the years, and continue to develop new relationships through our team at Sendera Title. I am always mindful of networking my contacts.” Moncrief laughs as he relates how a colleague describes him by way of introduction as “the company electrician — because he is always plugging people in.” To this description, Moncrief proudly says, “I am a person of my word, and I am willing to do whatever needs to be done to help our customers succeed.”

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Anonymous said...

What conflict. There's only conflict of interest when there are rules and ethical standards in place AND the means to enforce violations when the individuals choose not to follow the rules. Oops, I forgot Castro, Saddam, and other despots had rules and laws as well. They just had so much power that put them above the law. These guys share the "benefits of public service" with their sons. So the actions of some of our rulers to benefit their sons is not that remarkable. Power has its perks, dontyaknow?