Sunday, April 12, 2009

Citizens travel to Austin, FTW leaders and media silent on sidelines

Last month 3 concerned citizens traveled to Austin to address the Energy Committee concerning the gas drilling in one of the largest densely populated areas of the country, Fort Worth, TX.

Below are some of the emails that concerned citizens shared. Their statements speak volumes, residents might want to listen. Gas drilling here is becoming like the Texas weather, if you aren't affected yet, give it a minute, that will change.

"One of the committee members said in the open hearing that FW should have zoned away this problem, and said they had all the power necessary to do that. (This is what Louis McBee has been saying.) They asked where were the city representatives? Why didn't they come to tell their side of the story. Concerned Citizen told them that the mayor, the council and the staff were all content to let it all happen because of the money.

There was considerable surprise among the committee members at what is going on here (as hard as that is to believe.) "

"My thoughts?

1) That Lon Burnam and Craig Adair are doing excellent work by introducing three bills (H.B. 1533, 1535, 1537) that will hopefully give protection to streets like Carter Avenue.

2) The time for action is NOW! We have a window of opportunity before the May elections to put pressure on the current Mayor and Council. If they remain seated after the election, the Carter Avenue pipeline will most likely become a hideous reality.

3) We must DELUGE the TX House Committee on Energy Resources with calls, emails and petitions to let them know how distressed we are with the proposed Carter Avenue pipeline. They wondered why more of us didn't show up... Encourage them to come up to Fort Worth for a public hearing here:

Their email contact list:,,,,,,,

Jim Keffer is the Committee Chairman. Give his office a call at 512-463-0656 TODAY!

4) That people outside of Fort Worth are TOTALLY UNAWARE of the eminent domain abuse by TX Midstream/Chesapeake and the failure of the City of Fort Worth to protect its residents from arbitrary and capricious gas gathering pipelines.

5) That residents all over DFW must RALLY to the defense of Carter Avenue as this is the FIRST TIME time a dangerous gas gathering line has been run under residential lots down entire residential blocks and this practice will spread out over the Metroplex if we don't stop it on Carter."

"Wouldn't the media avenues be the best way to get the TRUTH and the needs out in front of the public eye? We have a great tool if it is done truthfully. The problem comes from people not having the full facts and truth put before them by all the media. With one paper telling it as if it were written by the Mayor and others distributing truth and facts having done nothing but confuse everyone. With such extreme differences in story telling has and is putting Fort Worth. at danger's edge. The media needs to understand it is not about doing a story for today, what they say today will have a huge affect on what the stories are going to be decades down the road. Thanks to you three for going to Austin."

Not a word mentioned by the media that we saw. We salute those three who traveled to Austin. There are some more everyday people concerned with the direction our current leadership is taking and willing to stand up and do something about it. As in info, Louis McBee mentioned above, is running for Fort Worth mayor. If you would like more info on Carter Ave. use our link list and visit Meadowbrooktoday.

Stay tuned, more on this issue to be posted soon.

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