Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Intentions

We didn't start this blog with the intention of covering the elections, however since we did want to cover the important issues in our area that weren't getting any we are. And the elections are VERY important right now as the major issues facing the metroplex seem to be gas drilling, eminent domain, lack of clean water/air, storm water run off, and a lack of transparency and ethics. And of course corruption, all while our tax dollars are spent on more frivolous things. Those chosen next month will be the ones making the decisions for us. Who do you want making that call? That is why we will continue sharing what we learn and what we are sent. Learn all you can. And for your own sake VOTE! Only 5-6% vote in Ft Worth. How sad. We should change that, not just for our own (and childrens) benefit but also as a thank you to all the servicemen and women who protect our rights to do so. There are elections taking place all over the county, some in the same district as FTW, tell us about your candidates, these cities need voices too.

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