Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We call BS!

The morning after Josh Fox's movie Gasland aired on HBO, TCEQ claims the air is safe.  Again.  How convenient.

Do they think we believe them?  We didn't the first time, and for good reason.  What did they say caused the air issue in the first place?  Equipment problems.  WHY would new gas rigs have equipment problems?

When our air looks like the water in the gulf, maybe they'll admit they should have been more proactive in protecting THE PEOPLE instead of the industry.  Don't hold your breath...oh wait, maybe you should.

Read about it in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram here.

The state environmental commission has been under fire in recent weeks after admitting last month that it suppressed test results showing higher-than-normal levels of benzene and other toxic compounds at sites in Fort Worth.

Agency officials have repeatedly said that gas drilling doesn't contribute to Dallas-Fort Worth's pollution problem but that it didn't conduct any tests until December -- years after the drilling boom began.

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Anonymous said...

Dad watched Gasland last night. Said everyone should see it. You can rent it On Demand.