Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pay up

We took bets back in  December when JD Granger said "Trinity River Vision has no desire to own LaGrave or the entire 58-acre tract."   We asked again in February.

Why then did they purchase it?  Note "at their price". 

TCEQ and TRWD working together to clean up the environmental issues, that should go well. 

And someone please tell us, is Bill Hanna on the TRWD payroll too?  Read his latest about the Tarrant Regional Water District buying out Bell in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The $17.5 million will paid from the water district's mineral revenues.

It isn't the first time the water district has chosen to go that route. The water has already pledged to loan Trinity River Vision's tax increment financing district up to $226 million from its mineral revenue until the TIF can start generating money. The TIF was extended to 40 years late last year, far longer than most tax increment financing districts.

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