Sunday, June 27, 2010

Listening now?

Thanks to TXSharon who pointed out the Dallas Morning News article on the TCEQ meeting last week. And thanks to those who posted comments on the site...they are great. Keep up the great work!

People who gathered Thursday night at Arlington City Hall were mad about smog, and they were even madder about the state agency in charge of fighting smog.

At a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality meeting about the latest round of strategies for cleaning up the air in North Texas, about 200 people cheered and applauded calls for tougher pollution rules.

They jeered – and coughed in unison, holding up paper masks that looked like gas masks – when state officials couldn't answer their questions.

Be sure and read ALL the comments, they are excellent!  (The shills must have taken a day off).  Here's part of a comment from a parent who was in attendance with her daughter...hard to explain to your kids WHY no one was listening....)
My daughter has more of a vested interest in this meeting and what the future holds for her North Texas air than Susana Hildebrand.

I struggled with how to explain to her that we drove an hour and a half one-way, and stayed long after the one who is charged with protecting her did.

“I’m sorry, honey, there goes the person that is supposed to protect you. There goes the person that is supposed to care about your well-being. She works for you, yes we pay her salary, yes she is in a position that is supposed to protect your environment. She must not have noticed that you were here. I’m sure she wouldn’t have walked out at exactly 9:00 p.m. if she had known that you were here.”

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