Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fort Worth Water Wars Continue

The FW Weekly is back on the Water Wars, someone tell them THANK YOU!

Read the article about Mary's Creek Sewage plant here.  Or as Fort Worth calls it "water recycling center".  Article points out more shining examples of the Fort Worth Way...

Some of  us recently met Amy Reed, great spokesperson for this group.  Keep up the great work!  Elections are just around the corner!

City officials have assured residents that “livability” and quality-of-life issues are a top priority when selecting the site. Those claims ring hollow to residents questioning the openness of the process and the sincerity of city officials.

The neighbors worry about creek flooding and erosion from the plant’s water discharges. They worry about bad odors and falling property values.

The Mary’s Creek plant is expected to discharge millions of gallons of “gray water” into nearby waterways each day to be carried downstream.

Sabo and others question whether this is another example of Fort Worth officials catering to developers with deeper pockets while ignoring the concerns of current residents.

“They did this as far under the radar as they could without the public knowing about it,” said Cindy Creswell, another resident living near a proposed site. “When Fort Worth decides to do something, they do it, and then the residents hear about it later.”

Come on honey, that's the Fort Worth Way!

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