Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At any cost...

North Richland Hills already has flooding issues. Soon, they will have more.

Read about last night's city council meeting in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Sounds like they are taking notes from Fort Worth, soon it will be the NRH Way.

The City Council listened to more than two dozen residents Monday night who asked them to slow development near Little Bear Creek, but the council voted unanimously, and with no discussion, to approve a developer's plans to add houses in the Thornbridge subdivision.

Before the 6-0 vote to approve the plat of 7 acres just west of Precinct Line Road, Mayor Oscar Trevino and Mayor Pro Tem Ken Sapp lectured the opponents instead.

The Monday night agenda item was a request from developer John Barfield, a significant player in North Richland Hills,

The creek ordinance, passed in 1996 to improve drainage and to protect the natural qualities of the waterway, was modified in 2004 at Barfield's request. He submitted an engineering plan to reclaim the land in the flood plain, which Morrow said should not have been allowed given other environmental restrictions.

Many of the speakers contended that Little Bear Creek is stressed enough from runoff and flooding properties downstream. But Trevino told them that they must "understand development is going to happen."

Wonder if those new homes will require flood insurance since they are in the flood plain, but since the developer has cash, now they are not.  Remember the flood insurance in Texas has lapsed due to another group of elected officials.

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