Monday, June 14, 2010

No #@$!

Read about the pipeline craze in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
WHY is Fort Worth the guinea pig?  Ask your city council.

"Fort Worth is certainly kind of the guinea pig in this level of urban gas drilling going on, and with all those wells, you're certainly going to generate a whole spider web of new pipelines," said Carl Weimer, executive director of Bellingham, Wash.-based Pipeline Safety Trust, an advocate for stronger regulation of pipelines nationwide.

Weimer said state and federal regulations in Texas have created a patchwork system of oversight that could be improved.

"What if that accident happened two blocks from an elementary school?" state Rep. Lon Burnam said. "I feel like what we've learned between the disaster in the Gulf and these two accidents in Texas ... is that regulation has been entirely too lax."

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