Monday, March 30, 2015

Woodard says...

No, not that Woodard.  This time we hear from his son, Blake Woodard.

Seems he doesn't care much for the water board incumbents and their wasteful ways either.

VOTE FOR CRAIG BICKLEY and MICHELE VON LUCKNER!  Bring some sanity to the insane Tarrant Regional Water District.

By the way, how much does the General Manager of the TRWD make annually?  We're told over $300,000.  WHERE do YOU think that money comes from?

YOU guessed it.  After reading the definition for insanity, read Blake's comments in the FW Business Press below, you can also learn WHO pays more to the Fort Worth tax base - Mr. Bennett or Mayor Betsy Price.

As a lifelong Fort Worth citizen, I am proud to call Monty Bennett my friend. He's a kind man who seeks nothing from TRWD but the same fairness and respect any of us would want and is passionate about open, limited government. Through his company's Fort Worth holdings, he pays more Fort Worth property taxes than at least 95% of those who childishly demean his Dallas residence, including our mayor. Most ironically, our mayor, who mails scare flyers to senior citizens warning that Monty Bennett is a Dallas businessman who wants to take our water, is the one intent on handing Fort Worth's water sovereignty to her good friend, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, through regional (read "Dallas-controlled") water restrictions. 

Fort Worthians, don't miss this rare opportunity to tear the curtain on a government entity desperately in need of reform. Change is coming on May 9. For information on the candidates or a copy of Mayor Price's senior citizen scare flyer, e-mail me at

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