Monday, March 30, 2015

Fort Worth Sell Outs

Remember way back in the day, when Tommy Lee Jones told you to "Get behind the Barnett Shale"?  His face was plastered on billboards and buses all over town...

Remember who the mayor was then, that sold Fort Worth down the river to the drillers?  In case you forgot, it was Mike Moncrief.  We've been spared from looking at Mikey for awhile now, then all the sudden, we see his face popping up again on mailers for an election he has nothing to do with.  Well, we're sure his driller friends still need water...

Remember when the policitians hired celebrities to push their water agenda through?  Prop 2 got a lot of press.  How much money does the Tarrant Regional Water District get from Prop 2 passing?

YOU don't want to know.

All you need to know is if the politicians are pimping incumbents, there is a reason and the reason is NOT you.

Don't buy the BS, the PRICE is too high.

Don't believe us?  Check your water bill.

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