Monday, March 9, 2015

Austin wants to be your City Council

Local control is a Texan value

Write your state House rep. to protect local control

Dear Betsy,

Texans have fought and died for their right to govern themselves.

Now politicians in Austin are trying to take that right away from our communities.
After the people of Denton, TX voted to ban fracking, self-proclaimed "enemies of big government" introduced several bills to take away our right to govern ourselves.

The first of those bills is headed to House State Affairs committee this Wednesday. HB540 would require home rule cities to ask for the Attorney General’s permission before passing a municipal ordinance.

But this HB540 isn't just about fracking. Home rule cities would have to get the state Attorney General's permission before passing ANY new law or changing an old one. From indoor smoking bans to plastic ban ordinances and even texting while driving laws.

TAKE ACTION: Write your Representative to stop this Austin power-grab.

Help stop this big government power grab and protect our Texan value of local control!
Thank you,

Sharon Wilson, Texas Organizer

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