Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Well, well, well....

Well, well, well....

What do we have here?

Did the Fort Worth Star-Telegram decide to try and undo their reputation as a mouthpiece for TRWD incumbents?  Did they get called out?  They will...

Seems the ST didn't realize that Monty Bennett was not running for the Tarrant Regional Water District.  Their article about the election mentioned him ten times.  More than any of the five candidates - Craig Bickley, Michele Von Luckner and the others.

They mentioned Mr. Bennett almost a dozen times, but yet again, failed to reach out to him for a comment.  So he sent one anyway.  Also, a true update on the TOMA lawsuit.  The online article at the Star-Telegram has been updated to reflect both.

Maybe the Startlegram is tired of being the butt of jokes in Tarrant County.  We shall see.

See the updates below - and the updated article here.

Bennett disputed Lane’s assertions in an email.
“The entrenched incumbents continue to try and scare the voters with grandiose stories about an evil Dallasite trying to steal their water,” Bennett said. “This is absurd. For the record, I have no interest in Fort Worth’s water, or the Trinity River Vision or the Integrated Pipeline project.

“I’ve successfully blocked the TRWD from snatching my mother's family land in east Texas. My only interest now is to help Mary Kelleher continue the fight against a heavy handed government agency, with numerous allegations of corruption, cronyism, and self-dealing, that treats citizens, including me, very poorly while neglecting its core duties of water provision and flood control.”

To which the Star-Telegram additionally updated-
After a district court ruled in favor of Bennett, the 2nd Court of Appeals said in November that TRWD did not violate the Open Meetings Act. Bennett has appealed the ruling to the Texas Supreme Court where briefs must be submitted by April 13. An attempt by TRWD to use eminent domain to acquire property surrounded by Bennett’s ranch has also been appealed to the Texas Supreme Court.

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