Sunday, March 22, 2015

Star-Telegram Slacking

We know with all the cuts the 'news' paper ain't what it used to be. But they continue to make it so easy for those who would like to point that out. Case in point, take today's Bill Hanna Tarrant Regional Water District opinion piece for example.

Take for instance Marty Leonard saying the board has done a good job preparing for water needs. How much did they spend suing Oklahoma to take their water? $6 million? Of OUR case you were wondering, they lost.

Marty also talked about the Corp of Engineers pitching in $17 million for their pet project. Does she know where 'the Corp' gets that money?

For those of you keeping count at home, that's $23 million of YOUR dollars in just one paragraph.

The opinion piece goes on to say the Water District spent the 'majority of their last board meeting explaining its budget and what role TRWD plays in local water rates. Explaining to who?? The board? Marty and Jim who have served 9 years each on the board? (Remember last year they postponed the election and extended their term by a year.  Even though when the last water board crew did that, Jim Lane voted against it).

Lane goes on to say that the board has used eminent domain responsibly, which is in direct conflict with what every group and business owner who has been affected has told Texas Lone Star in recent and past interviews.

Lane also goes on to say the Integrated Pipeline (over $2 billion dollars) will basically solve all our problems. He fails to mention the TRWD's own report that says the pipeline will take water to Dallas NOT Tarrant County. WHY wouldn't he or the 'news' mention that?

Former Mayor Moncrief, the one who sold out FW to Chesapeake, is heading up the incumbents PAC (remember those calls to Dallas begging for money we told you about? Now you know who is making them). Along with Fox, who works at one of Congresswoman Granger's favorite places in FW.

This race will be the hottest race in Tarrant County. Here's hoping the people are tired of the insanity (look up definition) and try something new, like voting for real people (Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner) instead of those owned by the water district contractors.

Also, someone let Hanna know the Texas Supreme Court has picked up the latest case. We know their short staffed over there in the building they share with JD Granger and the Trinity River Vision.

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