Monday, May 12, 2014

You can't make this stuff up

This was a screen shot sent to us from Sunday morning where the Fort Worth Star-Telegram was posting online that the Haltom City election was won by Trae Fowler.  While it's true that the candidate received more votes than the other two, seems by the time the "news"paper went to print, they had changed their minds and decided it was indeed a runoff.  Thanks for staying on top of the "news" there, boys. Keep up the good work.

Should make for an interesting election seeing how the rumors about the candidates are mostly coming from upper management in Haltom City.  (Their employees are keeping everyone in the loop, thank goodness for the working men and women!).  Do they have ethics policy in HC?  That was rhetorical.  

Though it's not just the so called "leaders" of the city spreading rumors.  Screen shots of a council-person's spouse posts are at best, questionable.  These people are naive enough to think one contested seat (out of the 4 that were up) is the swing vote?

Bless their hearts. They must not be from around here.

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