Friday, May 30, 2014

Obstacles Wasting YOUR money

WHEN will THE PEOPLE of Tarrant County say ENOUGH ALREADY?

WHEN will you tell them to STOP wasting YOUR money?

Remember way back, oh, six months ago, when the "news" papers were touting that the Tarrant Regional Water District was going to hire someone to look into their ethics, or lack thereof?

Remember what Mary Kelleher told the Fort Worth Weekly?

“If what the TRWD is hiring him to do is to help it be more transparent and accountable to the taxpayers, I think that would be great,” she said. “I’m hopeful he will be helpful in convincing the administration that they work for the taxpayers and [that] the taxpayers are entitled to know what is going on.”

However, Kelleher’s hope dimmed when she realized that she’d run across Fischer’s name a few days before. On Nov. 5 she had submitted a public information request seeking what she considered basic information on district records. She received a response from Fischer 10 days later, on his Austin law firm’s letterhead.

“At such time as you are able to provide us with your written reply to this letter, for purposes of clarifying or narrowing your request, we will attempt to respond to your clarified request at that time,” he wrote.

Kelleher now wonders whether Fischer is here to provide transparency or just to act as another obstacle. 

Well, what are we paying Fischer to do now?  Look at campaign finance reports for the past two elections (WHAT does that have to do with taxpayer dollars?) and find a way to keep the two expired term board members on the board without holding an election.

WHAT does that have to do with water?  Maybe we'll hire Fischer to not find out...

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