Thursday, May 1, 2014


Obama proposes lifting ban on tolling interstates!

Sec. of Transportation Anthony Foxx unveils Obama's highway bill

Obama highway bill would lift Hutchison's ban on tolling existing interstates

Former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison ensured Texans were protected against tolls on existing interstates when she imposed a ban in 2007 after TxDOT sent a report to congress asking to do so.

Transportation Commission Chairman Ted Houghton has already floated the idea that TxDOT wants to turn I-35 in Austin into a tollway and turn SH 130 into the freeway (as a way of bailing out that failing toll road).

So TxDOT is salivating over the idea of getting a green light on slapping tolls on our existing interstates. The unlimited, unfettered ability to levy tax at the whim of an un-elected board ought to send shivers down your spine!

TURF along with Texans for Toll-free Highways (formerly known as the San Antonio Toll Party) will fight this proposal with every breath. A new group on the national level has finally come together to fight this, too, called Alliance for Toll-free Interstates. But we need your help!

Please contact Sen. Ted Cruz and respectfully ask him help us keep the Hutchison ban on tolling existing interstates. We need his help to stop this double taxation of Texans!

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