Saturday, May 3, 2014

Incoming from Haltom City

If you need another reason to vote for Trae Fowler, see the election violation below....


Anonymous said...

This pictures implies something that is not true. The implication is that the Weast sign is inside the distance marker, but all I see is a yellow marker THAT MAY HAVE BEEN MOVED and is only a marker to a spot, not a line. I think you'll find that the legal distance to the front bumper of the car is over the legal minimum.

This is typical of Trae Fowler and his tactics. Voters in Haltom City should remember that Fowler was RECALLED a few years ago, along with several others, because of their questionable actions surrounding the firing of the city manager at that time - just after he refused to return a surety bond to a contractor who had NOT completed the project he was paid to complete. As best I recall, the contractor was a relative of Fowlers.

Vote for Weast and keep the recalled gang out of city hall!

Anonymous said...

Nice try , at least you made me laugh. We watched and took pictures as the Elections office employees measured and placed the markers.

We also know the truth about the recall. That's why we'll be supporting Trae Fowler in the election.

Please check your info on payments and such. How much did the city spend on the lawsuit? Who won?

You do realize a recalled councilman was just reelected again in Haltom City, with no opponent, again, right?

let it go, son. It's a new day.

S Kays said...

That marker was not moved, Im the poll worker who placed it.