Thursday, May 1, 2014

The best article on Tarrant County Earthquakes comes from....Dallas

Earthquakes and the Texas Miracle.

Mind you it didn't mention the activist meeting where the new concerned citizens group was formed and got those people on an Austin bound bus, nor did it investigate why the Reno Mayor tried to cancel a meeting with candidates from all over the state 24 hours in advance, but in this quality news drought area, we'll take what we can get.
In the nearly 35 years since she’d anchored her dinner bell on these 11 and a half acres, she’d never felt an earthquake until November 6, 2013. She could look back 150 years, and the historical record would bear no evidence of seismic activity in the area until now. Yet in the last month, there had been more than 20 quakes.

In Reno, residents were advised to boil their water when a 10-inch main broke in two places and 40,000 gallons emptied into the earth. In Azle schools, the children practiced taking cover beneath their desks, just in case the big one struck and the roof collapsed. Whatever novelty the earthquakes held at first had been dissipated by claims home insurance wouldn’t cover and the sound of thunder in a cloudless sky.

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