Friday, December 17, 2010

WHO's looking out for YOUR water?

Flower Mound.  They are protecting Lake Grapevine.

Read about it in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Take note of WHO isn't.

A town panel has denied a request to drill for natural gas near Lake Grapevine's north shore because of concerns about potential contamination to a source of drinking water for area cities.

Concerns include the chemicals that drilling fluids contain that energy companies have resisted publicly disclosing

Keystone officials said many of the concerns are unsubstantiated. No contamination has occurred at drilling sites near several area lakes, including the Tarrant Regional Water District reservoirs Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Bridgeport and Lake Arlington, they said.

"There have been too many incidents nationwide for us to take this lightly," Hunt told the Flower Mound panel. "The risk is too great to our water supply."

However, the Army Corps of Engineers, which owns the lake and several surrounding properties, said in a July 2 letter to Flower Mound environmental officials that drilling on the site would pose little or no risk.

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