Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What's another $30 million?

What's another $30 million?

"Clearfork developer seeks $30 million in tax breaks from Fort Worth" is the Fort Worth Star-Telegram headline.  It talks all about how  greeat this is and how bad it is needed.  And about the $12 million Fort Worth is thinking about giving another Wal-mart.

How many Town Center's does one town need?  If you have a Town Center in your town that already has the same 10 chains located there, would you drive on 820, 183, or Heaven forbid I-35, to get to another one?

And how deep is the city of Fort Worth in for the Trinity River Vision, again?

Maybe they should just start dumping money in the river.  Save time.

If you want to read what YOUR elected officials plan on doing with YOUR cash, you can read it here.

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