Monday, February 3, 2014


Speaking of birds and poop (see previous post)...

We've been tweeting up a storm, seems Bill Maher has offered to help some lucky town #flipadistrict.  They will pick a "lemon" congressperson and make visits to the district and report on them.  Ongoing.  On National TV. We have R's and D's tweeting for Tarrant County.  It takes a village to toss a lemon.

Once they get a load of the level of poop floating in the Trinity River, Fort Worth is a shoe in.  So far we've seen activists, non-Tarrant county award winning journalists and novelists, the FW Weekly, and occasionally the Fort Worth Business Press put out the call...

Now it's YOUR turn.

Start Tweeting, Peeps.  It's YOUR chance.


Save YOUR stuff.

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