Friday, February 21, 2014

All fired up!

Between the emails we received and the comments left online, seems folks in Fort Worth get it. Their "leaders", well, that's another story.

WHY would we spend $6.5 million on bridges over dry land while we can't even pay our Fire Department without sticking our hand up for a federal grant?  What's wrong with this picture?

And someone please define conservative for those in office.  They are apparently the only ones who don't get it.

Below is a comment left on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and an email sent to the Star Telegraph. You can learn more from two citizens than one FWST reporter. First the comment on the Star-Telegram article, followed by the email sent to the Star-Telegraph....

Its hopeless. The city of Ft Worth apparently can't afford to finance its own fire department and has to depend upon the Federal Government to make do. Where are the Feds getting the money? From borrowing it and printing it. How is the federal government ever going to get its budget balanced if it is financing city fire departments around the nation?

So, Kay gets the fire dept. a grant for 3 million as the city sinks 6 million into the bridges. What say we fund our own police and fire with our own money and stop funding this farce that swallows up funds from every taxing authority... at all levels.

Why are our elected officials STILL pushing this giant turd?

Kay throws the fire dept. a bone so they won't make noise over the diversion of City funds to the TRV. The police and fire should strike until the city abandons the TRV!

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