Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quote of the Week

We had several we wanted to post, but they mysteriously disappeared from Facebook Monday night.  Maybe it had to do with a Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial which talked about social media.

"But now, all manner of inappropriate commentary is preserved on the Internet and shared before its authors have the opportunity to consider the consequences....

But it’s a useful reminder that in a world where we have the unprecedented ability to share our thoughts at will, doesn’t necessarily mean that we should."

So now the quote of the week goes to former Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Jim Hightower.  Last night on MSNBC, he, Calvin Tillman and Josh Fox were addressing the Exxon Mobil executive who has suddenly become one of the things he hates, a NIMBY (Not in my back yard).  He is suing to try and keep a huge water tower from being erected near his 100 acres in Texas. Seems it's an eyesore and he doesn't want the truck traffic.  Hightower called it "phallic justice", with a grin.  We're not sure how he didn't bust out laughing.

We've also heard there's a special place in hell for some of these folks, Hightower suggested they may want to spend their millions investing in air conditioning...

What's Hightower up to these days?  We'd vote for him.

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