Friday, October 25, 2013

Voting on Propositions in Texas

You'll notice Proposition 6 got a No vote from all the Grassroots groups polled.

That should tell you something.  It should tell you a lot.

YOU can't afford it.


As you may know, there's election going on in Texas RIGHT NOW.  You can vote between now and November 5, 2013.

There are nine constitutional amendments on the ballot, and there are thousands of opinions, pro and con, on each one.  In the interest of helping to sort out and help Texas grassroots activists made heads or tails out of all of this, Grassroots Texans has collected opinions from various Texas conservative / pro-liberty groups and summarized them below.*  The last column represents Grassroots Texans' "gut feel" as to the consensus--if any--among the groups.   Propositions 2 and 6 were unanimous among the groups.  For Propositions 3, 4 and 5, there was too much diversity of opinion to reasonably say there was a "consensus."

As seen above, the conservative groups we looked at were UNANIMOUSLY in opposition to Proposition 6, which would, if passed, pull 2 Billion dollars out of the Texas Rainy Day Fund.

The full recommendations summarized in the table above can be found at the following links:

We hope this is helpful.  As with all important decisions, we urge all Texas patriots to fully inform themselves and make informed, well-reasoned decisions.

* - The LPT made official recommendations with respect to Propositions 2, 6 and 9 only.

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