Monday, October 28, 2013

Are you scared?

You need to be.  Not only about what's happening at your local city hall's but that this little girl with a big heart won't get what she's after.

Seems this sweet little Keller girl is trying to raise funds for a wheelchair swing for the local school.  Did we mention, she doesn't use a wheelchair?

Her parents and other volunteers are putting on a haunted house to try and raise the funds, so far they haven't covered their expenses.  Help them out!  It's for a great cause and a great kid, apparently.

Kennedi Baker wants to buy a wheelchair-accessible swing and is eager to scare people into helping her at the Chamber of Chillz.

“In the summer, swinging is one of my favorite things,” the 8-year-old said. “Everybody should be able to swing.”

But the swing Kennedi wants to put on the playground at Shady Grove Elementary in Keller isn’t for her. 
Shopping for a replacement for one that broke in her back yard, the able-bodied girl came across a picture of a wheelchair-accessible model and began to cry, said her mom, Sherri Baker.

“She realized what it was for,” Baker said. “Then she said all kids deserve to feel what it’s like to swing.”
With help from the school’s principal and assistant principal, Kennedi got approval from the Keller school district to use the district’s vendors to buy the swing and get it installed. But because it was her idea, the girl didn’t want the district to foot the $16,000 bill.

Read more in the Star-Telegram's Keller haunted house chillz to the bone article.

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