Monday, October 28, 2013

Lee Wrights Announces Bid For Governor In Grapevine on November 2

(Grapevine, Texas) Lee Wrights For Texas Governor has scheduled an official announcement dinner in Grapevine, Texas on Saturday, November 2, starting at 7:00 PM at Love & War in Texas in the Governor's Suite Room. “We're very excited to kick off our campaign in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where we have a solid base of support and look forward to meeting many freedom loving friends”, said Thomas Hill, Campaign Manager for Wrights. “This dinner and fundraiser is a part of of 'Battle of Concepcion Money Blast', a fundraising effort commemorating the first major battle of the Texas Revolution. That it will be held at Love & War in Texas in the Governor's Suite is very fitting.”

Lee Wrights is a longtime activist, writer and editor living in Burnet Texas. He is the president of the Foundation For A Free Society. Wrights also serves as Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. This isn't Wrights' first foray into 'top of the ticket' campaigns as he finished second to Governor Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in 2012. He cheerfully supported the Johnson/Gray ticket and continued his successful Million Vote March project. Wrights also managed Dr. Mary J. Ruwart’s 2008 presidential campaign, finishing a very close second to Bob Barr after an exciting six-ballot slugfest at the Libertarian national convention in Denver.

The event will kick off at 7:00 PM, with Wrights and other Libertarian candidates meeting attendees and discussing – one on one - their key concerns about the direction of the state. At approximately 7:30, a few candidates will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and briefly discuss their races. After those speeches, Lee will announce his candidacy and present his libertarian solutions for many of Texas' most pressing problems, while contrasting those solutions with the status-quo offered by other candidates. “We're honored that Mr. Wrights chose Tarrant County to announce his candidacy”, says Allen Patterson, Tarrant County Libertarian Party Chair, adding, “He's been a strong voice for peace, prosperity and individual liberty and we're looking forward to a packed house of enthusiastic supporters!”

Admission is free. Those interested in attending may RSVP for the event here: and donations are welcome here: and at the event! Love & War In Texas is located at 2505 E Grapevine Mills Circle, Grapevine TX 76051

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