Monday, October 28, 2013

"...too important to be influenced by an editorial with such glaring mischaracterizations."

It must be eye opening to be part of the downtown crowd and have the local "news"paper twist the message.  The masses in FW are used to it, that's why they beg for a new "news"paper to come to town.

Apparently the Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial board wrote another one of their annoying editorials and this time it annoyed someone enough to write back.  That someone is Fort Worth Councilman, Danny Scarth.  We aren't a Scarth fan due to his record, so we couldn't really tell you WHO is yanking WHO on this deal, but we can tell you it was fun to read.  The ST calling out an elected official instead of saying, yes, spend money on whatever "they" want.  And then one of "them" saying, quit writing trash.

If we don't have a real "news"paper, at least they provide some entertainment...

Why did the city hold 20 public meetings to receive public input? If we ask for public input, should we not be prepared to respond in a tangible way? 

We've been asking that for years, Danny...

Broad categories like “Urban Villages” or “Transit Oriented Development” require the public to trust city staff and future councils with millions in unspecified spending on as-yet unnamed projects. My proposal would redirect some of those dollars to specific projects approved by the council and subject to voter approval.

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