Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's in a name?

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is at it again. Free advertising for their beloved boondoggle. Again, what's in it for them? Or do they just not want to be cut from the cocktail party invite list?

This time it's all about the name, though they just wrote about that a day or so ago.  At least they recycle.

The editorial drones on about the name Panther City vs. the name Trinity River Vision or Trinity Uptown or Central City, whatever they call it today. The best name yet? In a comment left on the article - "Granger's Folly". Let's get an online petition going. What do you say?

If nothing else, history will show the name originated from a Dallas story. Way to be original Fort Worth. Let sleeping panthers lie already.

Amid ongoing controversies about the cost of the project, its use of eminent domain and whether it’s more for taxpayer-financed economic development than flood control, officials of the visionary Uptown plan have come up with the new name after having spent years trying to sell the public on the old one.

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