Thursday, September 5, 2013

The question is - WHO?

There have been some interesting Letters to the Editor in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram since they told you don't blame the city for raising YOUR water rates.  (What kind of "news" paper does that?  Oh yes, our kind).  Maybe the paper, who tells you WHO to vote for, should be to blame?

If the city of Fort Worth isn’t to blame for raising our water rates, who is?

Who’s to blame for allowing the energy companies to pump city water from hydrants directly into behemoth fracking operations and allowing them to take unlimited amounts from our rivers, lakes and reservoirs during a drought?

Who’s to blame for limiting the times and the days residents are allowed to water, while permitting the energy companies to take million gallons of our drinking water without recycling a single drop?
So instead of punishing Fort Worth residents for conserving water, isn’t it about time that the city force the energy companies to recycle their water, monitor their wells and, during a drought, “just say no to fracking”?

— Sharon Austry, Fort Worth

Many months after the grand Tarrant Regional Water District signs went up along the Trinity Trails, the rusted-out, non-functioning hulk of a water fountain at the Southwest Boulevard trailhead was finally replaced with a shiny new one.

Curiously, a gravestone-type hunk of rock, engraved with verses from the Bible, was installed beside it. I’d love to know if this is the work of the TRWD and, if so, why is it appropriate to promote a specific religion on a public trail.

— Anne Clements, Fort Worth

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