Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram takes its final plunge

Ever heard of the Voice of the Customer? Apparently Jim Witt hasn't.  Not only does the "news" paper not like views that differ from theirs, now they only want you to leave a comment if you have a Facebook account.  Um, isn't their customer base mostly from another generation?  One that doesn't use Facebook?

The best line in Witt's column is this -

Because everything in the paper is edited, we bear the ultimate responsibility for statements that appear there.

One could only hope the paper will bear the ultimate responsibility for statements that appear there.  Does that mean they'll be held accountable for untruths published?

(Before their Gladfly starts whining wanting proof, read Controversy Over Water Districts, then ask Tarrant Regional Water District Board Member, Mary Kelleher, if she visited the Water Board's hunting lease with Gordon Dickson.  While you're at it, ask Dickson.)

As usual, the comments were the best part of the column (we've listed a couple of our favorites below).  At last count there were 95.  When you alienate your customer base, you lose them.  When you lose your customers, you lose your job.  Good work, boys.

Hey, Hey, Hey - Goodbye!

This is a political move, not a journalistic move.  It is being done to try to gain more control over the message.  Anonymity is a problem for a lot of people.  For example, if you are a business owner, it can be bad for your business to admit you are a democrat in Texas.  Many people can be attacked financially for voicing an opinion.  I've been increasingly disappointed in the quality coming from the Star.  Many of the big news items I have to go to National papers to find.  Star just isn't reporting on much of the big local news.  


We are paid subscribers as well.   The Star Telegram has my name, my address, e-mail, home address, and even my credit card number.


I'm just not comfortable, for safety reasons, with putting my full name onto public posts.  Any kind of kook could look me up on the web and show up on my doorstep. I may rethink that paid subscription, truth be told.   The ST has always been somewhat left of center, and I can live with that.  But since they sold, the quality of the reporting has degraded to the point where I usually have to consult other sources to get the full story.  Their online local events directory is worse than useless. Honestly, the comments are the main reason I come here.  I've been called names by both left and right.  I'm a grown up and deal.

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