Thursday, September 12, 2013

WHAT did they say?

The title of the latest Business Press article, is---

How can anyone type that with a straight face?

The readers don't buy it.  You can tell from their comments.  Maybe the author should go back to working for the ST...

What's $60 million among friends, and there's no better friends than the TRWD Board and the Fort Worth City Council, whose former mayor, Kay Granger, has a son running the Trinity River Vision Authority and whose former member, Wendy Davis, has a business partner whose wife is the finance director for TRWD and is quoted in the above story. We can grow our way out of these problems. We just need more vision. Let's start by issuing more tax abatements and TIFs so we can pack more people into Fort Worth. Forget the Lawn Whisperer. By the time Mayor Price and the TRWD are finished with us, we're going to need the Toilet Whisperer to tell us when we can flush. (Please don't censor this comment like you did the previous one, BizPress.)


Oh my, I am impressed! A tax rate of .02/$100 assessed valuation. So tell me Mr. Smith, how much have the water rates increased over the last 15 years. TRWD loans gas revenues to the TIF that may or may not be able to repay the debt. And it's all tax payers' money. How dumb are the politicians (and reporters) who buy into this shell game? A billion dollar boondogle that won't pay for itself, a 2.3 billion dollar pipeline that won't supply water to Tarrant County, a flood control project that increases the cost of flood abatement downstream, and the highlight is the tax rate? This tax funded project will make a bunch of private individuals rich but as water projects go, the taxpayers are getting soaked. 


Raise water rates. However the 2.3 billion pipeline does not bring the water to Tarrant County.


Raise water rates to FW? Pipeline doesn't bring water to FW? Do we pay for Dallas water? 

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