Monday, July 22, 2013

Worth a shot...

Sounds like the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is tired of being left out of the Water Board game.  They haven't reported on anything that has taken place since the election.  Sources say it's because newly elected board member and rising star, Mary Kelleher, won't give them an interview.  She recently refused, due to their completely biased and unprofessional reporting on the Tarrant Regional Water District election.  Now they are assigning a new reporter (though he's been entrenched in FW and ST for well over a decade) to cover TRWD.  That should work... 

While his first story may be somewhat of an improvement, the ST has a long way to go to prove they aren't just in business to haul water for their friends on 7th street.

We do have some questions for the fresh, unbiased reporters over at FWST concerning their campaign finance article about the water board.

While it finally admits incumbents, too, received campaign donations, from places like Kay Granger's "campaign fund" (WHAT??), it still never mentions "out of town" money/donors.  Isn't this the very thing the Fort Worth Star-Telegram was harping on the candidates for?

What exactly is the "neighborhood outreach" the incumbents spent money on?  Was this neighborhood in Como?

Have the ST reporters read the IPL pipeline report that the water board produced?

Is HillCo still representing the City of Fort Worth?

If the ST would answer our question, we'd gladly print them. 

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