Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Slap in the face for the FW Star-Telegram

This time from the Fort Worth Weekly.

Hey, they asked for it.

Read the Weekly's "Out with a Lout" here.

Kelleher wrote a letter to Oliver saying she hopes her future requests for public information “will not be met with raised voice, chest-pounding, disrespect, and other behavior unacceptable for a public servant, let alone the senior executive of the TRWD.”

The grinding of Oliver’s teeth could reportedly be heard as far away as Poughkeepsie. The district issued a statement denying that he had raised his voice.

Still, not even a mouse stirred at the Star-Telegram offices in downtown Fort Worth. The newspaper that practically begged voters to re-elect the incumbents and maintain the status quo has made no mention of Kelleher’s run-in with Oliver and the resulting fallout. But — notwithstanding the occasional excellent investigative piece and the work of some remaining ethical, talented reporters — the paper will gladly sell you a subscription if you want to help them suck up to power.

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