Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Protection from WHAT?

Way back in March, we asked WHY all the cops?

We couldn't figure out why Mayor Price would need 5 policemen and 5 cop cars to meet with local residents in a park.  WHO needs that kind of security?  WHAT does it cost you?  (Supposedly $380,000, so far).

According to the Fort Worth Police Department and the report on CBS 11, a lot.  It's going to cost all of us as they can't afford to pay for cops for both us and her.  WHO would you prefer they protect?

Seems some of the FWPD officers have even traveled outside of the country with Mayor Price.

Again, we have to ask, WHY does the mayor of Fort Worth need to be traveling all over the globe getting people to come to Fort Worth?  How exactly do you sell that?  Come to the land where it's hot, you sit in traffic for hours each day, the air quality sucks and we're running out of water.  Oh and don't forget, we lead the way for eminent domain.

Welcome to Texas.

From the DFW CBS Local article titled Facing Budget Cuts, Police Question Security Costs For Mayor...

“They carry the mayor’s bag. They go get her aspirin when she needs some aspirin. They occasionally have been known to monitor her Facebook page (and) take photos of her,” said Steve Hall, President of the FWPOA.

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