Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thank goodness for Mary and the FWW!

Both standing up for THE PEOPLE and THEIR water and money.

WHO does the board think they are?

Thanks to the Fort Worth Weekly for reporting the real deal.

Nice try FWST but the semantics of whether it's a "deer lease" or a "deer camp" pale in comparison to what really transpired.

“Given the public perception of the secrecy at the Tarrant Regional Water District, denying a board member access to records does nothing to dispel that perception,” she said.

Water district board meetings have been sparsely attended in recent years. Residents describe them as rubber-stamped dog-and-pony shows with little insight or discussion. That’s changing, thanks to Kelleher’s dogged attempts to shed light on this powerful agency with about $160 million in its general fund. The water district is charged with making sure this region has plenty of water in the future. However, it has become known more for using its eminent domain powers to push the Trinity River Vision project, which seems to be aimed mostly at making money for already-rich people while doing little for flood control or any other truly public purpose.

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